1. Share the Fightthestroke mission and want to offer a better future to young stroke survivors and their families. If you have been directly affected by a brain injury at a young age and have a high probability developed a hemiplegia, you can share your experience with other families in the group of Facebook and co-create your future and your loved ones in a climate of transparency and therapeutic alliance.

2. Do you think the patient, whoever he is, vulnerable because of age or status, must always be placed at the center and considered in its holistic view of the person it is not special, no special skills, but has untapped potential to search and cultivate. Besides care.

3. Are you convinced that design and technology can be the enablers of Fightthestroke mission, which in an 'Open Medicine' system allow physicians and patients to confront in a climate of mutual trust. We call ourselves fighters but we do not waste the energy to go to war to doctors, to the detriment of patients. We study, we gain skills and seek alliances.

4. Do you think that contemporary innovation can come from below, empirically, by those who live the disease every day; but also you believe that no scientific validation an empirical discovery can not be effective nor scalable. If you believe in conspiracies to chemical and wakes you should look elsewhere.

5. Do you think that the parents of children affected by stroke are not simply categorized in the definition of 'mommies who speak of vaccines on facebook': the family's role in enabling a better cognitive, behavioral and motor is crucial for us and we do not allow anyone to take away their hope. It 'important that our parents learn to fight and smile, since the first day of diagnosis, to be a better mirror.

6. Contamination of different experiences, skills, cultures, it is a value for you. Do not surround yourself only friends who approve of your opinions, but always seek confrontation in a healthy and constructive, in spite of confirmation bias.

7. As we believe that helping patients and develop new therapies is not enough to sell seedlings to the streets but that social enterprise is the only way to find commercially sustainable and equitable solutions to the healthcare market.

8. Are you aware that the concept of brain plasticity represents the brain's ability to change its structure and its functionality depending on the activity of its neurons, thanks to stimuli received from the external environment, in reaction to traumatic injury or modifications pathological and in relation to the development of the individual process. And that as long as there is death there is hope: there are plasticity peak, linked to youth development stages, but we human beings continue to learn as long as we are alive. And 'why do not we stop struggling and encourage other families to do so, immediately, for a more effective functional recovery.

9. The saying 'the more you give, the more you receive' is also your mantra: we do not ask for membership fees to support the work we do, but we ask you to actively contribute in the sharing of knowledge and experiences. We sympathize with other issues, but on our digital properties there is no room for those who like to look for other causes, or want to recruit followers for business proposals, miraculous or not.

10. "Fight and smile", protect your loved ones with attention to their privacy, do not express value judgments in relation to other stories that you do not know the details, not lavish you on medical advice that are not part of your wealth of experience, you respect for decisions and points of view that apparently seem far removed from the way you see and do not try to influence the decisions of vulnerable families. No one here is more or less fortunate than others: you're here to share your experiences, seek and give a word of comfort, find solutions together.

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You can apply for closed households to the group membership on Facebook, sending a friend request to: Adm Fightthestroke Group