Francesca Fedeli

President and Co-Founder of

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Mario D'Angelo

Stroke Survivor. Chairman of

Roberto D'Angelo

CEO and Co-Founder of

Linkedin Profile: roberdan has been founded by a tech-savvy couple living in Milan (Italy), Francesca and Roberto D'Angelo and since 2011, by their son, Mario. While their baby initially seemed healthy, when he was just 10 days old, he was diagnosed as having had a perinatal stroke in the right side of his brain. The stroke left him unable to move the left side of his body. The D’Angeloshave used mirror neuron rehabilitation to help Mario regain movement. Today, Mario is 3-years-old and has greatly improved motion. is now a non-profit aimed to gather and share the experiences of families who’ve been affected by all types of infant and childhood strokes. The social movement wants to open up a dialogue about the devastating effects of perinatal, neonatal and pediatric strokes and to advocate for pediatric stroke survivors and their caregivers. This issue is important to the founders for a simple reason: because they've been through it themselves, with their son Mario. Together, as a family, and thanks to the support of a very proactive community, they’re promoting the awareness of this story at events like TED Global (Edimburgh, Scotland, June 2013), Ciudad de las Ideas (Puebla, Mexico, November 2013), Doctors 2.0 (Paris, France, June 2014). is a proud ambassador for the first TEDMED live streaming 2014 and Med Hackathon in Italy (, aimed to regroup the leading experts on Medicine and Innovation. DAngelo family is also on the Board of Directors of the International Alliance for Pediatric Stroke, and they became Eisenhower Fellows since April 2014.

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