• We strongly believe in the SHARED VALUE with ENTERPRISES and CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSABILITY (CSR) as carriers of change for a more equitable society: there are already many companies that have decided to support us (such as Vodafone and Diesel), through partnerships (, the donation of goods or services (such as We Are Social and Allianz), participation and dissemination of our initiatives, the corporate volunteering. Discuss with your Head of CSR, Marketing or Human Resources in the company, your experience with us will lead to great results for both.
  • You can continue to do what you do, just supporting our activities with one click: give our Tshirt and the book 'Lotta e sorridi' (in Italian) or make a donation directly from the Paypal button here.
  • By statute and nature of the Association, we are open to sharing and co-creation with FAMILIES and INDIVIDUALS coming in contact with us: you can to be a part of the group of #FIGHTERS deciding to become our ambassador, actively participating initiatives promoted by us, or by organizing initiatives to raise awareness of our history (eg. events, birthdays, book readings, vision TED video in small events, courses and testimonies in the office, sports competitions, organization of theater or music ...).
    Post here to propose your idea, we act together.
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