Mirrorable™ is an interactive platform that allows a new model of rehabilitation therapy at home, specially designed to meet the needs of children who have suffered brain damage at a very early stage of their lives, with motor level impacts.

The scientific principle on which it is based is the ability to stimulate the plasticity of the motor system by activating the mechanism of mirror neurons, just watching the video-stories and exercising with other children with similar needs.

Mirrorable enables for the first time a data collection process and a single register of different series, thus turning into a tool that can process data and draw useful statistical evidence to study the various brain injury and develop new rehabilitation strategies.
The availability of Mirrorable 'in the cloud' allows the geographical spread spread spectrum, lowering the cost of delivery, time expenditures for travel, the crowding of active rehabilitation facilities in the territory. however, it does not exclude the health worker's role, on the contrary, it strengthens this, providing a useful set of data to measure and set goals gradually incremental.
It 'a product intended for families with children with disabilities, resulting from injury to the central nervous system (eg. Stroke perinatal / pediatric, cerebral palsy, traumatic injuries acquired), and wish to have an active role in the project of rehabilitation of their child; The platform increases the level of effectiveness of the healing process because it is active in a favorable development environment (their homes, their own games, the report in the presence of loved ones, and at a distance with peers).

 Mirrorable has been made possible thanks to the support of  Fondazione Vodafone Italia

Mirrorable has been made possible thanks to the support of Fondazione Vodafone Italia

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